Content Creator, Video Editor and After Effects person based in London

Content Creator, Video Editor and After Effects person based in London

My Background

Having worked within agencies for the last 5 years, I know the importance of creating engaging video content … be it to help win a pitch, create short-form content or execute consistent digital content across a variety of formats online.

  • Branded Content
  • Social Videos
  • Digital Content
  • Mood Films For Pitch Purposes
  • Cut Downs
  • Digital Out Of Home
  • Talking Heads
  • Vox Pops
  • Case Studies
  • Campaign Promo Videos
  • Award Entries
  • Behind The Scenes

Social Content

Sky Box Sets


To coincide with the Sky Box Sets ‘#AddictivelyGood’ campaign, the client wanted to create an engaging series of videos to distribute on social media using content from top rated shows on Sky.
I created a series of videos that utilised Sky Box Set content to create a flowing conversation, where an argument about watching another episode or going to bed was created. The end result was a series of short form videos that were a big hit on Sky’s Facebook page, generating just over 2.2 million views combined.

Sky Sports

David Beckham Teaser

Sky Sports wanted to kick off the start of the Premier League season by producing a range of social and digital content (See Below) that targeted different football fan demographics as well as sparking conversation on social media to get people hyped for the new football season.
To begin the campaign with a buzz, they wanted to tease the release of the main TVC spot featuring David Beckham. I edited this teaser together, carefully keeping his identity hidden until the very end. Beckham even uploaded it to his own social media channels!

Sky Sports

New Features

Aimed at the more hardcore football fan, Sky Sports pundits were interviewed answering questions regarding their thoughts on the upcoming season whilst selling in the new features available. Taking a variety of clips from the client I created a series of short, sharp and informative pieces of social content.

Sky Sports

What Happens Next?

Created to be aimed at more casual/light hearted football fans on social media. Sky Sports personalities were asked a question about (then) Leicester Manager Claudio Ranieri. The end result was a fun, light-hearted piece of social content including bespoke animated scenes.

Sky Sports

What’s More Likely?

What Happens Next? was created to initiate conversation between all football fans on Facebook. The campaign began with the release of multiple videos using clips from the previous Premier League season. Then after each Premier League weekend I edited a new batch of videos to be distributed online.

Carphone Warehouse

Christmas Competition

Carphone Warehouse wanted to create a Christmas competition on their social media channels to engage their audience and get the conversation flowing. I put together a series of short-form content to tease the answer, building up to the big reveal.

Sunny Loans

Life Hacks

This brief had me editing together a series of life hack videos to help save people money, provided by Sunny Loans. The client was very happy with the quick turnaround and the content got them some nice exposure on their social media channels.

Campaign Videos

Sky Q

Summon A Character

This video was created to showcase a highly successful and innovative experiential marketing campaign for Sky Q. The video was subsequently used as a campaign video for the clients involved and also used for award entries (Which it won 9 awards).

Carphone Warehouse

Dubai Social

Three long-form Youtube edits were made and then cut down and reformatted into engaging short-form social content distributed across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine (RIP) and Snapchat. the hard work of reformatting proved to be a success as on Facebook alone, the three videos generated 3.7 million views alone.

Folk Clothing

Protest Jacket

This film was created using footage and news clips to celebrate the release and tell the story of a tech-focused protest jacket. Used for PR and award purposes, the video edit was used across many advertising industry trade publications and news websites around the UK and US.

Brothers and Sisters


Used by the agency within industry trade press sites as part of an interview / deep dive into the company and what creative advertising means to us and the world.

Center Parcs

Campaign Research Film

This video was created as a celebratory retrospective of the huge success that was Center Parcs’ latest creative advertising campaign.

The Fableists

Imagination Cards

An award entry video i created (and took the photos) of a cute card game created by The Fableists, an ethical clothing brand for children.

Mood Films


Must Have

As part of a new business pitch for M&S fashion, my objective was to create a mood film edit to excite the client about the idea of M&S creative ‘Must-Have’ products for their autumn line of clothes and accessories.
I create an advert from pre-existing footage to emulate the feeling you get when you see something that’s so fantastic, you simply must have it. Women agasp, staring, devouring the product with their eyes as they take a photo, Instagramming it, or just plain ‘oh my god’ staring.
The end result was a film full of fun, energy and honesty within it’s behaviour.

Center Parcs

Character Techniques

This mood film was edited using existing adverts, films and footage to demonstrate the visual style the agency wanted to create for the new Center Parcs TV campaign. This collection of footage I found went on to define the overall look and feel of the main TVC spot and wider campaign visuals.

Trip Advisor

Highest Rated, Lowest Cost

Created for an agency pitch for the Trip Advisor account, I produced this animatic that showcased the visual style, humour and strategy the agency wanted to convey. This is a great demonstration of using 2D animation within After Effects to create a narrative.

Digital Content

Sky // Sky Box Sets // Center Parcs

Digital Out Of Home Showcase

A short showreel demonstrating my Digital Out Of Home working experience. These examples cover editing, animation, design and reformatting footage to be appropriate for a new media format.

Behind The Scenes

Carphone Warehouse

Dubai BTS

Using outtakes and other footage from the main TVC rushes for Carphone Warehouse’s Dubai campaign, I created a narrative that delved into the (light-hearted) conflict between Keith Lemon and the falcon featured in the advert.

Sunny Loans

Who Is Sunny With An ‘O’?

I created this behind the scenes video to allow Sunny Loans’ audience to discover exactly who was their new face of the company, Sonny (or Sunny with an ‘O’). Using rushes from the TVC advert shoot i was able to introduce the character to the world in a fun and engaging way.

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